About us

mak-architects is a Karachi based architectural firm headed by Mohammad Ahmed Khan – A veteran in the field with a variety of standing structures under his belt. We have designed & realized shops, offices, homes, cafes, restaurants and everything in between. Being a small, focused team, we are extremely agile in our approach and pride ourselves on our client driven design process. We have worked with big brands and people with big ideas, always to find ourselves challenged and capable.

Talk to us today about your idea, we will give you a way forward that is both, practical and logical.

Mohammad Ahmed Khan.

Mak architects was founded in November 2017 by Mohammed Ahmed Khan. Architect (IVSAA, 2000)

+92 333 1510259

I graduated from IVSAA in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. Till May 2004 I worked for 6 months in a web development company as a creative writer; and for one year worked as an adjunct faculty member at IVSAA and part time at ASA in the interior design department.

After that I moved to Australia and did a Diploma in Creative Photography for one semester and a Masters In Electronic Arts for three semesters. After coming back to Pakistan in 2004: I worked at IVSAA with the re-planning committee and simultaneously did animations on a freelance basis.

In 2006 I Joined DGP [Design Group Practice] and worked as architect on residential project. In 2009 moved to the corporate side of architecture and worked for Pizza Hut Pakistan; and designed their local and international stores as well. From there I moved to Aga Khan University and was exposed to large scale master planning and architectural projects.

In 2012 -2013 I was in Oxford – England, to support my wife’s sabbatical; so she did her PHD while I took care of the children.

After returning I worked in OCL [Osmani Company and LTD] as head of the architecture department; designing high rise buildings and mega projects, before moving to Khaadi for 3 years as senior manager interior design.

In 2017 November that ended; and I started my consultancy with SA as design associate: my story starts now.

Dr. Suneela Ahmed

Architect/ Urban Designer | Assistant Professor | NED University of Engineering & Technology.

Phone: (+92) 300 2209 581

Suneela graduated from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi in 2000.

She worked at ASA (pvt.) ltd. post her graduation for two years. In 2004 she established her own architectural company, along with her husband, also an architect and has worked as project architect on various residential, commercial and architectural projects.

The ideology behind Suneela’s designs revolve around modern, simplistic and pure forms fulfilling aesthetics and functional requirements and addressing the everyday needs of the client.

She has also worked as an urban design consultant on various urban design projects, besides authoring various publications. Suneela also has a Masters in Urban Planning from University of Canberra, Australia and a PhD degree from Oxford Brookes University, UK.

Suneela is currently working as an Associate Professor and Head of Architecture Department at IVSAA.

PhD Urban Design (UK), Masters of Urban Management (Australia), B. Arch (Pakistan) mPCATP, mIAP